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(past and present)

"Preaching Exchange" is a service of the Domincian Friars of St. Martin de Porres - 

"Preaching Exchange" includes articles, book reviews and quotes pertinent to preaching. You may also sign up for free, weekly lectionary notes - "First Impressions" - and for Homilias Dominicales, weekly Spanish language reflections on the lectionary.)

Augustine of Hippo ranks among the great homilists of all time. University of Pennsylvania maintains a fine website dedicated to his life and work.

Another useful Augustine site is based at Villanova:

St. Gregory of Nyssa and other Orthodox preachers can be explored at:

For more recent insight into Christian sermonizing, explore John Henry Newman.

Friar David McBriar's homilies are under Bulletin/News at

God Underneath: Spiritual Memoirs of a Catholic Priest, by Edward L. Beck "Moving, funny and profound vignettes that blur the line between sermon and story."

All things belong to God. All our brothers and sisters. Among us it is best that all inherit equal portions.
St. Gregory of Nyssa